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By PurelyAliyah - Posted Aug 19, 16

Hi Welcome to Outsider! 

I decided to update this so that it was more up to date but Hey! This is Outsider, This place is something I built from almost nothing but determination.. and a lot of anger and frustration.. Anyways

Hi! I am Aliyah, I'm the Founder of Outsider!

About Outsider! 

Outsider was Founded in January around the 11th and Made Public on Minecraft-Server-List on the Fifteenth and on the 19th on Planetminecraft. 

The server has been going since then..with the support of players and staff this server has a lot of history and inside jokes.. That are probably extremely stupid but I've always been one that likes to hang onto Tradition. 

Outsider is a Survival server, That offers 35 player ranks that are completely free, because I am proud to say we are not pay to win, The way you get these ranks are by voting and ranking up through the rank up system, The Ranks you can see by clicking on the Ranks tab in the Menu at the top of the website or! by going into the server and doing /rankme, and then it will give you a list. 

But, If you are one of those people who like to support the server, We have Three Donation Ranks! We have The $10 dollar, Donator Rank, The $15 dollar, Donator Plus rank, And Then There is the rank that is $15 dollars a month called the subscriber rank, You do get some perks with these ranks but none of them will give you an unfair advantage over players, Everything you get can be earned by ranking up to the Outsider rank inside the server! But Donations are how we keep the server open for everyone to play on so if you ever feel like doing it, I would appericate it. However! Voting helps just as much as Donating

Anyways, The Server is LGBT accepting, and people who bully or Harass people based on Sexuality or anything of the sort will be banned with no chance of appeal. Outsider, I would like for everyone to feel safe and have an understanding that Bullying isn't tolerated.

We don't allow cussing in Global chat, However! Cussing in messages is fine as long as it doesn't involve any racist terms. 

There is no griefing of any kind allowed on Outsider, This also includes unclaimed builds!

About Me! 

Well that's it about the server.. That I can even try to describe with Words. Talking about Outsider has always been hard for me.. Anyways. Hi! My names Aliyah, I'm 18, I graduated high school in 2016. And plan on going to college in the spring for business.. I've been running Outsider from the moment it started.. Well for the most part. 

Outsider started off as a server for me a few people to play on and after a few..Disagreements it was taken off of where it was ran on a computer onto a hosting site.. My Friend Brandon came along to help me deal with Permissions and then (imagine choas everywhere) Outsider was Born... After going through Many Many Many Name Changes. (Outsider, Absolute, Alliance, Advocacy, Annihilation, Acid, Apple, Justified Gaming..Then back To Absolute..Then Alliance.. And Then after thinking extrememly hard we went to back to Outsider.. This took about Six months to decide) Back when we picked Outsider the first time, It was for a different reason and now I think Outsider fits the server perfectly. 

Brandon has now left Outsider and is no longer apart of it.

Oh..Anyways.. About me.. I'm 18.. I already said this ..Uh.. I'm really bad with words.. I'm kinda known to be a little Selfish at times, But It's not because I mean to be, it's mostly because I have a habit of being self entitled.. which again I don't mean to be. And Like Self entitled in way.. I'm known to be kinda like..It's hard to explain..I'm not a preppy I-want-everything type of people, I'm more of a This-is-something-that-I-created-If-you-break-it-you-die type of person. 

I don't like being Called Owner/Founder, In fact it makes me really annoyed, Because yes I have the title..But remember I have a name and If you don't call me by my name I'll just call you Outcast. (Refrence to The Starter Rank)

There's not much about me to say.. 

Anyways! I hope you enjoy Outsider, If you ever have any questions or need help, Don't hesitate to ask a staff member in game or to Fill out a ticket! 


- Aliyah

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