General Questions

Who is the owner of Outsider?
The Owner and Founder of Outsider is a girl named Aliyah.

Why was Outsider created?
There's a lot of ways to answer that question but I think the purpose of Outsider now is more important than anything that has happened in the past, The Purpose now of Outsider is to give everyone a fair chance and a equal chance on the server without any judgement of the past or who they are or What their race, sexuality is creating a problem with how they act in the server. The point of Outsider is to make those who feel Outcasted or Pushed aside a chance to be equal with everyone else.

What do you host the server with?
We are hosted with a secret hosting site that I'm sure you can find if you were really smart.. and blah blah blah.. Classified information.. I'm not telling you.

How do I run a server like this?
Well. There's not really a real answer to this question because I can't really tell you how to run a server like Outsider, because it kinda just comes naturally, but if you want advice, the best thing I can say is if you want to run a server, Run the server from the heart, Don't do it for selfish reasons, When it becomes selfish then (???)

What's the server's Seed?
The server’s seed cannot be given out, since players would be able to load it up in single player and use spectator to locate all of the ore/dungeons/etc.

Is the server completely updated to *Insert Version here*?
The server will be updated to the latest version of minecraft as soon as possible, but please take into account that we must wait for others to update their content. We are usually never behind on updates if we can help it.

Will Outsider ever be a modded server?
No, That would change minecraft a bit too much, and there aren't very many mods that I actually like, and in saying that, I am not very fond of mods as a whole. I started out playing modded single player rather than vanilla so I quickly grew tired of it when I first joined. Plus, mods are always a few versions behind the actual minecraft version and I would prefer to stay updated with the current minecraft version. 

Why is this server so good?
Aww, well thank you random player. Funny enough this question was suggested by a player to be put in here, and the truth is that I as an Owner put a lot of heart and passion into the server, and I spend a lot of time creating structures and things of that sort. This makes it easier for staff and players to play and manage the server. Staff have strict rules and guidelines that allow players to never have to guess if they are going to get banned.. because Staff are very open about procedures and everything is handled in a certain way. In addition to this, each staff member has a lot of passion for the server, which gives out a vibe that most servers don't have. The server is good because we work to create an environment where players feel comfortable about who they are, and It makes the community different than most servers. This doesn't happen very often, and I honestly think that there isn't a another like Outsider

How do I get out of Spawn?

You get out of spawn by following the redstone dust.. It says it on your screen when you leave the main spawn room. Once you follow the redstone dust out of the hallway, you will be lead to a large room made mostly of magma blocks. In that room are water portals. These portals, or “biome warps” will allow you to teleport to the biome of your choice.

Is There factions?
No! NO Factions! Rule 6 is no griefing or raiding, so if people actually read the rules you would understand from looking at them there is not. We do not allow anything of the sort.

What plugins does this server have?
Well, I can't give you a full list but I can tell you basics, We use a plugin for land claiming, economy, teleportation, player shops, mining spawners, and a large variety of other perks which can be viewed here: 

...Is This Allowed Questions

Is Optifine Allowed?
Yes! Absolutely, We allow Optifine on Outsider, in fact most of staff use it, as well as the Owner.

Are Mini-Map mods allowed?
I wouldn't suggest it honestly, because on Outsider it's basically useless to have but I'm not going to ban you for it.

Are Macros Allowed?
Yes Absolutely. As long as you don't use them to mine or fight. Macros are fine for Key bindings such as saying Welcome or Welcome back when someone joins or using them to run commands. Such as /home. However remember don't spam there is a plugin that automatically bans for it.

Are Hacks allowed?
Well, Anything that modifies game play, such as Fly hacks, speed hacks, auto clicking, X-raying is not allowed and you will be banned for it. 

Is Cussing in Global chat allowed?
No! But you are allowed to cuss in Parties, signs, and in /msg. Global is kept more Pg/pg-13.

What farms are allowed?
All farms are allowed if kept to a reasonable size of 20 or bellow of each kind of entity and able to be turned off. This rule also applies to other entities, like boats and mine carts. You wouldn’t think that it’s necessary to include that, but believe me it is.

Are redstone clocks allowed? 

Clocks are not allowed, under any circumstance.

Questions About Voting.

Why can't I vote?
There could a number of reasons why you can't vote, Please ask an Admin or fill out a ticket and describe the situation and we will try to help you to the best of our ability. Sadly, there are so many explanations that it would be impossible to actually explain them all on this one page. 

What is a vote party?
A vote party is something that happens every fifty votes. During a vote party, everyone that is currently online will be given a "vote crate." This is actually a special piston, that gives a randomized reward when right clicked!

What is a vote key?
A vote key is a special key given to you every so often when you vote (1/5 chance) and you can use it on a vote crate for a random reward!

What is a vote party crate?
I feel like I just answered this, but here we go again!  A vote party crate is actually a special piston, that gives a randomized reward when right clicked!

What and Where is a vote crate?
The vote crates can be found in spawn, simply go to the biome warps and then head up the stairs. You will then come upon four rooms with four vote crates in them. If you right click the vote crate with its corresponding vote key, you will receive a random reward!

What are the Voting Plus Crates?
The voting plus crates are very similar to voting crates, except that they give slightly better rewards! You can access them in another of the four rooms, but you must have a voting plus crate key to use it!

Where are my vote Keys?
Vote keys are not given to you every time, so there is a chance that you will not get them. Also, you will not receive them if your inventory is full!

Why didn't I get anything from the Vote party?
Unfortunately, there is a chance that your vote crate will have no reward, sorry!

My Vote didn't go through!
Unfortunately, if your vote did not go through there is nothing we can do. Please make sure to use proper capitalization, and for future reference you can use ./dvote to see our disclaimer.

Questions about ranks

How long does it take to rank up?
This really all depends if you vote everyday or if you don't or if you mean per rank, But normally between each rank it's five votes each, with a few of the requiring 10. You can vote 5 times a day, which means for the vast majority of the time you can rank up daily!

Do you need to pay for ranks in order to have them?
No! Ranks are absolutely free and you can see all of them on the website at < or in the server with ./rankme!> But that aside, you can still acquire a donator rank, but you don’t need to.

How do you rank up?
You rank up by voting at  

Why are the ranks by voting?
Voting helps the server move up listings on server lists and keeps our server from being on the very last page. This is a free way to advertise server while most servers pay up to 15k-1k to be on the front page of server listings we can do it for free by voting. The more people who vote the more players will join the server.

Questions about Staff

How do I apply for staff?
Well.. Even though this question is against the rules, I'm going to tell you how anyways, To apply for general staff you need to have 35 hours, and be 15+ years in age as well as be at the rank Castaway or above. To apply for Jr. Staff you must have at least 50 hours, be at the rank Castaway or above, and be 11-14 years old. If you fit that description then you can apply at

How many staff members are there?
Well most of the time, There are around 16 staff (Including the Owner) The number of staff depends on the amount of regular players the more players the more staff there is in order to control the player-base.

What's the difference between, Elite Staff and the Other staff?
Elite staff members are the leaders of staff, They are the ones who train and maintain the lower ranks of staff, They are normally staff members that have been on staff for awhile and know what they are doing, They are trusted members of staff that have the ability to mange all aspects of the server.

Elite-Moderators, train and watch over the Moderators and Trial-Mods. They are held responsible for problems with any general staff member and their sole job to make sure that those group of staff members know what they're doing, and know how to answer questions in chat. 

Elite-Admins, train and teach Admin's how to do the administrative duties of staff, such as managing the website, dealing with grief, and everything of the sort. Elite-Admins are normally more knowledgable of commands and are in complete charge of admins, and are held responsible for anything an Admin does wrong. (really? So if phil the admin decides to go on a wild rampage and fuck up everything, it’s all Mr./Ms. Elite Admin’s fault? I mean I can understand blaming it all on that Max guy, but what about other people?)

Head-Staff, ar at the top of the staff ladder. These staff members are in charge of all other staff members, and control the flow of staff. They handle hackings and handle any inter-staff disagreements that arise. This Position is always filled no matter what, and are usually two different people. One known as a more nice person and the other as harsher, so that there is a balance. They are the most trusted staff members. These staff members run staff meetings, train all of staff and handle staff testing, which is how a staff member ranks up. These Staff members normally have console access and can handle most situations that happen on the server, as well as has direct contact with the owner at all times. 


Do you accept Suggestions?
Honestly? Yes... Ish. I accept suggestions that will add features to the server, not completely change the server or make the.. Survival experience easier to the server.

Can we add Mcmmo to the server?

NO How many times do I need to tell people no about this question! My answer is no, absolutely completely No.

Why not, you ask? Well for starters, I don't like the plugin and why should I add something to a server I take care of, If I wouldn't play on a server that had it.. Moving on past that, Mcmmo is laggy and has a lot of exploits. The only way I would be able to do it would require completely redoing my ranking system, and adding permissions based on that plugin. 

Can we add an admin ran Mob grinder/Xp-Farm?
No.. Again absolutely not, I don't do Mob Grinders or Xp farms created by the server. It ruins the survival aspect of the server and makes it extremely difficult to keep a balance within the server. If you really need one that badly go make one. Putting an Xp-farm in the server creates lag, creates exploits and makes player count lower on a small server like this because if you are already handed everything on the server what reason do you have to stay and play? 

Questions about Resets

Will there ever be a server/world reset?
We do two planned resets a year, this allows the map to be fresh, and to allows people who have gotten bored of their old builds to start over. No, not everyone is happy with the idea and I know holding onto a build and then having to let it go is upsetting, but resets truly are good for the server! We do rank resets on the Server’s Anniversary, and everyone is set down to Unknown. No one starts completely over.

Is there a way to keep my build during a world reset?
In the past the way to answer this question has always been no, but because of recent events, Outsider is now completely run off of donations. So if you really want to keep your build that bad, it's $10 dollars to keep only the build! All chests and objects inside the build will be removed, unless you pay an additional $5. This is an option for Small-Medium builds only. Large things such as towns, or Anything over 1000 blocks costs $35 dollars. Remember Schematizing in things takes a lot of time, as well as potentially harming the server, so larger things are not recommended.

Subscribers get one free pass for the $10 dollar option per reset. 

Questions about donating.

How do I donate?
You go to the outsider donation page (here When you find what you want, click the add to cart button, and then check out via paypal.

What's a subscriber?
Subscriber is a rank that has a reoccurring monthly charge of $15, and allows for quite a few extra perks. You can learn more about it here!

If I buy donator+ will I have the coming soon perks?
Yes! All Donators get current and Future Permissions that lower ranks and the donator plus rank gets.

Why should I donate?
If you donate to the server you will be helping out Outsider so it not only grows, but also makes the experience in which you play here even better. Donations allowa for new and innovative content to be added, as well as possible expansions of memory or increased advertising.

What's the difference between Donator Plus and Donator?
Donor plus has a few more features than donor, The donator rank has less sethomes, no ./god, less spawner mining ability. Where as with donor plus, you can keep xp on death, kits, the ability to see bans, unlimited sethomes, and many more!
You can find out more about it here shops and here

Questions about Server Shops

How do I get to the shops?
Okay well depending on the rank either through the spawn portals by going up the stairs and then going to the bedroom in the very top floor of spawn or ./warp shop.

Why can't I check my balance?
You probably can't check your balance because you aren't at the correct rank to do so. You can only check your balance at the Castaway rank or higher.

How do I buy/sell at the Shops?
You can buy things by right clicking the signs and sell by left clicking the signs.

Questions about Rules

What's rule 7?
haha.... Find it... It exists I swear :D

Why aren't we allowed to use the Word trigger as a joke?
Well some people find it offensive and in general I find it really annoying as well as It brings in bad players to the server because it starts to create bad air.. Meaning that It creates this unneeded feeling of hate and anger. Just because something in a world right now is a trend doesn't always mean it's the right thing to do or to joke about.

Questions about Being Banned

How do I fill out a ban appeal?
Well.. The way to get to a ban appeal is by going to <br><br> However, the best way to get unbanned is to be very detailed on what you did wrong and think it through. All bans are logged in a report, So do not play the innocent card. Everyone on Outsider is given the chance to fill out a ban appeal, unless you were trying to hack the server. Most of the time bans are reduced to a tempban, and you're able to rejoin the server afterwards. Be honest about what you did! Lying is how you stay banned.

Questions about other Players

How do I report a player?
The best way to report it is to go directly to one of the Elite staff members, or to an Admin, Who will handle it. Make sure you have proof! In the event that there aren't any staff on go to and someone will reply there. This will take longer however, because the ticket system doesn't send out notifications when someone creates a ticket.


Bat_ra Elite Admin Another frequently asked question: What is the Discord link?
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